Update on new restaurants

Not long ago we posted about two new restaurants slated to open soon at the corner of Hwy 114 and Main Street in Grapevine.   Winewood Grill and Mi Dia are on schedule to be completed next month and we are looking forward to trying them out.  Meanwhile, there was an update and more details today in SideDish, D Magazine’s food blog.  (As I have said before, I’m always glad to see news about Grapevine in the Dallas media).

I was glad to see that Mi Dia is expected to have a more varied menu than I had anticipated, and rather than straight up Tex-Mex (which I love, but which we have plenty of in town already), it will have some New Mexico/Southwestern flavors as well.  Details are still forthcoming on the Winewood Grill menu and I am anxious to see what it will be like.

We will be sure to bring more details on these developments as they unfold as well as not waste any time visiting these two new restaurants and writing up a review.

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