Esparza’s Mexican Restaurant

Last Friday before the Main Street festivities (including the Patriotic Pooch Parade), we decided to do dinner at Esparza’s. We’ve been here quite a few times before so it was high time to return and write a proper review.

I have always considered Esparza’s a good place to take visitors because it’s a very nice location, in a charming old house just off Main Street.  It has a lot of personality.  I never did think, however, that they have the best Mexican food Grapevine has to offer.  While I still don’t consider them the best we have, I enjoyed my meal on this most recent visit more than I have in a while.

First, the chips and salsa.  I remembered their salsa being on the bland side, definitely not an asset.  Last Friday, though, I found it had more heat than I remembered and was pleasantly surprised.  I’m thinking they may have changed their recipe for the better.

We also got one of their famous margaritas (for me; a swirl) and a beer for Jason.  I have always thought Esparza’s margaritas were one of the highlights of eating there.   This time did not disappoint; it was as tasty as ever  (A word of warning; I do believe their margaritas are on the strong side, as evidenced by their note on the menu that they will not serve you more than three of them if you are not also eating a meal).

Along with the drinks and the chips and salsa we decided to share an order of tacos al carbon.  I find that most of the time, if you have drinks and chips at a Mexican place, sharing an entree is a great idea.  This was just about enough food.   The tacos had flavorful, tender meat and were not at all greasy.  We also ordered a side of guacamole to go with it; this particular meal came with guacamole, but I find that’s something you can never have too much of.

In the past I have also really enjoyed their quesadillas as well as their taco salad.

One reason I consider Esparza’s a good place to bring visitors is that they have a nice patio, with fans and misters to try to beat the summer heat.  Unfortunately, you can’t order food on the patio, but if you just want a drink and some chips, it is a nice place to hang out.

Esparza’s is definitely long on charm and in a great location, near the downtown area.  The food on this last visit was better than I remembered as well and I am sure we will be back soon.

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  1. Randy Curran says:

    I was told about a menu item, she calls it Flaming Cheese, but says it’s called something else. Comes out on a hot plate with tomatoes, chicken, 3/4 different cheeses and served with warm tortillas. She said it was really good and wanted me to find out the exact items that came with your meal. So please reply with that info so I can help my friend out. I think it might be a good idea to list your menu, along with photos, to promote your restaurant. Thank you for your help.

    • emily says:

      Hi Randy – Here is a link to the menu; it looks like the item you’re referring to is Queso Flameado. I have not ordered it before, but it does look good.

      Your comment is a little confusing; I’m not sure who “she” is and also it’s of course not our restaurant; we were just customers on that night (and others). Let us know if there is anything else we can answer for you.

  2. Leah Lahasky says:

    We aare going to be in your city on Friday and was wondering if you take reservations?

    • jape says:

      HI Leah,
      We do not own or represent the restaurant itself, we simply write reviews of many different restaurants and businesses in Grapevine. You should be able to find an email address or phone number from their website, which is linked in our post.

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