Just now I took a short drive over to the new Freebirds in Grapevine, which is scheduled to open tomorrow.  Freebirds is offering free burritos for an entire year to the first 25 people in line, so of course we have to have people camping out, right?  I would think so!  And who can blame them?

Grapevine people are so fun.  I just walked up and said, “hey who wants their picture taken and put online?” and nearly everyone was willing.  Thanks guys!

Here we have those nice folks who agreed to be posted to this blog.  Some of them even read the blog.  Two of them said to me, “hey, nice Demon Hunter t-shirt!” which I happened to be wearing tonight.  Props to those folks who knew Demon Hunter <– *insert shameless plug about something non-Grapevine*

Apparently there are over 40 people hanging out and waiting for the grand opening, even though only the first 25 get burritos.  I got the pleasure of meeting the first person in line, whose name is Jason Barefield.  But he also said that he and his friend, Casey Faulhaber, arrived first together and they are both technically first in line.  Congrats Jason and Casey, I hope you enjoy all your burritos!

Thanks to all who let me take their photo and who love Grapevine!  Hope to see you guys at Freebirds soon!  (I’m probably eating lunch there tomorrow 😮 )

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