Grapevine Lawn Equipment Center

Last week I was able to give some business to the Grapevine Lawn Mower shop, located at 204 West Dallas Road,
at the corner of Dallas Road and Main Street.  I needed a new fuel line on my chainsaw because the old one had fallen off due to being old and brittle.

When I dropped off the chainsaw last week, I explained my issue to the salesperson at the counter.  He looked at the inside of the fuel tank, where the fuel line was missing, and seemed to think it was an easy fix.  He asked me if the chainsaw was running when last I had the fuel line in tact, and I told him that it was, but this was over a year ago.  I simply hadn’t had the need to get the chainsaw fixed before now, so I have been putting off the repair.

At this point they took my contact information and charged me $32.50 for a deposit fee.  I admit that this was strange, I never had to place a deposit down on a repair before, especially for an expensive piece of equipment like a Poulan Chainsaw.  Poulan isn’t the top of the line, but they are a better brand than you can buy at Wal-Mart or Home Depot.  I went ahead and paid the $32.50 deposit because I wanted to see the quality of work and the final repair charge on the chainsaw.  I wanted to blog about it 🙂  Of course I needed the chainsaw repaired too 😮

The shop called me a couple of days later with news that they had replaced the fuel line, but the chainsaw still wouldn’t start.  They had put a vacuum test on the carburetor which had failed, so they recommended replacing the carb.  I was thankful they called and asked my permission before proceeding.

After approving the cost of a new carb, I received another call 2-3 days later saying that the chainsaw was ready.  I went to pick it up and found that my $32.50 was applied to the total cost of the repair.  I was curious if this would be true, or if that fee was just a “consult fee”  I’m happy to see that it was applied to the repair.

The chainsaw runs great.  I am pleased with the service at this location.  I still question the need for an up-front fee, something which I haven’t experienced with other lawn equipment repair shops in the area, but I would likely use this shop again when I have another repair need arise.

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