In-N-Out Burger coming to Grapevine?

Now this is the biggest news I’ve heard all week.  According to the Community Impact newsletter, In-N-Out Burger has submitted a site plan to the city for a location near the old KFC and Wendy’s at the corner of William D. Tate and Highway 114.  The company expects to go to the City Council for use permits in the near future.

I have not been to the new DFW locations of In-N-Out Burger since they opened, but I have in the past visited locations in Nevada, Arizona, and of course California where it all began.  The food isn’t fancy, but it’s fresh and tasty.  And if the openings in Allen, Frisco and Dallas were any indication, opening day at the Grapevine location will be quite an event indeed.

We’ll be watching this closely and bring updates as we learn of them.  Great news for Grapevine!

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  1. Michael says:

    Las Colinas gets one first. Nanny boo boo 😛

  2. jape says:

    LC still isn’t as cool as Grapevine, though. We have beer. 😛

  3. Michael says:

    You got me there. But your current highway construction negates all. We don’t even go to Grapevine now because of it. Call me when it’s done. Ò_ó

  4. jape says:

    I can’t argue with that, it is currently a pain. But once it is done it should be really nice.

  5. W says:

    Just go around the construction 🙂

  6. Marty says:

    I saw the sign up already from the highway. The construction is almost done, and then that WD off-ramp area is going to be prime. And not just beer – Craft beer! Filled my growler at


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