Mexican restaurant for sale in Grapevine – Which could it be?

I discovered via my perusal of the D Magazine “Eats” blog, that there are quite a few restaurants for sale in the DFW area.  The list made for fascinating reading.

Among the available properties was a Mexican restaurant in Grapevine.  According to the listing, it is “a casual full service restaurant and bar fronting busy Northwest Highway.”   Based on that, as well as the seating numbers which put the number of seats at “105+20,” I’m thinking it refers to Los Cabos.  I’m assuming the 20 refers to the patio seating.

That’s just my educated guess, though, as a resident familiar with just about all the Mexican restaurants in town.  Any other theories?  Time will tell.

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  1. W says:

    Even though the shopping center fronts NW hwy… I wouldn’t say Los Cabos itself fronts it (it’s back a bit)… they could be referring to Burritos Locos?

  2. emily says:

    That’s another good possibility. I think Los Cabos has more seating which is why I went that route…but we will see!

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