Winewood Grill

Winewood Grill, one of two highly anticipated new restaurants opening at the south end of Main Street, next to Bob’s steakhouse and Fireside Pies, opened this week.  We wasted no time in checking it out.  As we were finishing, I asked Jason if we would be back and his response was an instant, “Oh yeah.  We’ll be back!”

The entrance is near the center of the “square” formed by the four restaurants.  There are some benches and such in that area and it forms a nice little courtyard.  The landscaping is still being finished but I think it will look really nice when it is done.  The front of the restaurant:

The staff were very friendly and seated us right away – not difficult to do as they were by no means busy, but it was their third night to be open and we were on the early side, about 6 p.m.  My impression of the decor was sort of a “California” feel – stone walls which you can see a bit of in the pic above, and big windows with lots of natural light and open space inside.  It had a very clean, modern look.

The server brought us water which she explained was filtered three times at the restaurant.  Nice and all, but I am not picky about my water.  Regular tap water would have been fine, but this water tasted very good and many people probably would consider it a nice extra.  We ordered a drink from the bar as well.   Just wine and beer, nothing fancy, but I read another review online from someone who had ordered a pear martini because she had loved the same drink at Bob’s.   They were a little surprised but offered to go next door to Bob’s and get the recipe, and so she got her pear martini which she said was very good.  Points for service there.

We decided to skip the appetizers and salads because I had my eye on an extra side dish and also thought dessert would be in order.  So we moved on to order our main courses – rib eye steak for Jason with sauteed veggie ribbons and roasted potatoes, and chicken medallions for me with wild mushroom risotto.

The steak was 14 ounces and by some miracle Jason managed to eat it all.  He usually doesn’t order quite that much meat but this was just that good (We did save a few scraps for our “fur” children!).

I wouldn’t say “medallions” was quite the right word for my chicken; it was basically two chicken breast halves.  Not that I’m complaining.  The marsala sauce was delicious and the risotto very creamy.  It takes time and patience to make a good risotto and I speak from experience.

And, this was the best part of the whole meal – smoked gouda macaroni and cheese with bacon.  I’m not sure I’ve ever had mac and cheese this good.  Of course, what’s not great when you add bacon??

Afterwards, we were decidedly full but I was determined on this inaugural visit to indulge in some dessert.  They brought back the dessert menu which had quite a few intriguing options.  I ended up going for the cobbler which that day was peach.  I was told the peaches, like most all their food, were locally grown.

Not the best picture I ever took.  And honestly, not the best peach cobbler I ever had, either.  The flavor of the peaches was very good, but I like chunks of fruit in my cobbler and this was more of a puree.  Also, the crust tasted fine but was just placed on top.  I think really, I am sort of a down-home purist when it comes to cobbler.  This cobbler was a little fancier than what I usually like (a scoop of cobbler out of a big dish, with carmelized sugar on the crust = pure heaven).  I imagine many would like this cobbler just fine; I think this is just one dish where I would rather it not be made too “upscale.”

Jason had the Dublin Dr Pepper float which he managed to finish entirely.  What native Texan doesn’t love Dublin Dr Pepper?  (Did you notice I properly did not include a period in the “Dr”?  Haha)

Overall, we really enjoyed this meal.  The menu has a lot of variety; several tasty-looking appetizers, a few sandwiches and burgers, some salads, and steaks, chicken, and fish, so most anyone would find something there.  I am sure we will be back in the near future and might even become regulars.

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  1. Kyle Launius says:

    The hours of operation for Winewood are:

    Sunday – Thursday 11am-10pm
    Friday/Saturday 11am-11pm

  2. jape says:

    Thanks Kyle. We really enjoyed our trip to Winewood and look forward to coming back soon.

  3. Randa says:

    Thanks Em, I’m thinking about going there tonight w Ryan. I’m really excited about the Gouda Mac and cheese!!

  4. Peter says:

    Wine selection – outstanding, food – outstanding, atmosphere – outstanding, service at the bar – very bad, not worth going back.
    Came in about 5:15 PM, about 7 or 8 customers at the bar. Lady bartender was not busy but very difficult getting her attention to order a drink. About 5:40 wanted to order food again very difficult getting bartender’s attention. When food came they set it down on the bar (nowhere near where I was). No silverware, no napkins, no follow up to see if we needed anything else. About 6:15 ordered second drink, very difficult for me and many others to get attention of bartender. About 7:30 wanted to pay bill. Bill was brought promptly. Waited 15 minutes bartender did not come back to take my money. Bartender was drinking a soda, chatting with co-workers, looking around and straightening things up, but not waiting on customers. Took check to hostess stand and asked to speak to a manager. Waited 10 minutes, hostess came back and said the manager was busy and could not speak to me. Finally a wait person came to the hostess stand, took my money and brought me my change. Upon getting home I found I was overcharged on the bill and the wait person gave me back too much change.


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