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Duck Call Mad Duck NewsletterJuly 2011




Is it the heat or the humidity?  We don’t care–we just keep on riding.  The summer rally season

continues with the most famous local rallies coming up in the next few weeks.  We are also planning

ahead for the fabulous cool weather in Tucson, AZ for El Tour.  And to help make you a better road

rider and technical mountain biker, we are adding Yoga to the mix.  Get the details below and come

join us. 


See you soon and Happy Cycling;


The Ducklings

Cycling: cover a great distance in a short time, and a short distance in a great time!



The Best Way to Kick-off the Thanksgiving Holiday 

 tour start

El Tour de Tucson


This is our very favorite rally!  The temp is around 72 degrees, they have a Girl Scout Cookie rest stop, fabulous Mexican food everywhere, a cool Expo, and a roll-y, scenic route.  And a ton more! 

Mad Duck provides bike transport services so you can fly out, grab your bike at the start line and enjoy the rally.  You will enjoy the beautiful spa town and not have to worry about your bike.  You will have to worry about how many Topopos and Gizmos are too much.  We have yet to come up with that number. 

Bike transport space is limited so sign up now.   The airlines are running sales now  and the registration for El Tour goes up each month closer to the event.  So don’t delay–come join us. 

Check out the details on the rally at their web site and call the store for bike transport details, 817-442-0339



Find Your Ananda (Bliss)

Yoga At The Duck


Cyclist are not known for their flexibility and core strength, but both of those attributes are essential to cycling control and speed.  Luckily, it is Yoga’s strong suit. 

Starting in September we will have a wonderful India-trained instructor leading our classes.  These classes will be for all levels and as always, geared toward fun. 

We are taking suggestions for days and times, so if you have an interest, please email with your preferences.  Om!


Clarence’s New Baby 


orca gold

Sadly, this picture does not do it justice.  It has a touch of the sexist blue in all the right places.  And it rides like a dream.  Come give his Orbea Orca Gold a spin.  Even if he cries, he has to learn how to share.



What’s New at the Duck




 lizard skin dsp tape


Lizard Skins DSP Bar Tape–you will not believe how amazing this feels.  And it spiffs up your bike too.  Lots of color choices and even a 2 color mix.   


shark salts

Shark Salts Elite–Tired of loosing energy and cramping in this heat?  You can’t drink enough water alone to make up for the minerals you loose.  This one-pill-an-hour wonder will put back the electrolytes you sweat away without feeling like you are carrying a pharmacy with you. 


 keo blade


Look Keo Blade–A new lightweight pedal that replaces the traditional retention spring with a carbon compressed blade.   




August Road Rallies

 group rides

 The Duck Truck will be at all your favorite charity rallies this year.  We help get you on your way with mechanical help before the ride as well as ride up and fix those pesky problems that happen along the route.  Just Quack as you pass us by.

This Saturday, July 30, 2011 – Tour De Goatneck- Cleburne, TX .  This is year 24 for this popular rally. Don’t be afraid of the hills.  Come on out. Get the details of this rally.

Saturday, August 13- Blazin’ Saddle 75, Granbury, TX   This is a newer ride but growing steadily.  It is on the West side of the Metroplex, so usually less traffic and more rolling hills.  Check the web site for all the info.

Saturday, August 20- The Red Hot Chile Pepper, Dallas,TX.   This has wonderful Mexican food at the end and very hospitable volunteers.  Check out their web site for all the details.

Saturday, August 27- HHH 100,Wichita Falls, TX.  This is the one you have been training for.  Even if you don’t ride 100 miles, the trip through the air base is worth it.   Details can be found on their web site too.



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