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This past weekend, we had plans to leave town to visit with some family at the lake a few hours away.  Since I planned some flip flops and bathing suit time, I figured a new pedicure was in order.  Of course, being a procrastinator (and also crazy busy at work!), I did not plan for this until Friday morning.  I was out running errands and happened by Pura Vida Nails and figured there was no better time than the present to stop in and see how it was.

I have quite a few friends who go here and say that they are a good salon for runners since they don’t think anything of it if your toenails aren’t in great shape (it’s a sad fact that running doesn’t make for pretty feet).   This is nice as I have been to other salons who were frankly horrified at the state of my toenails.   It gets old explaining that you are a runner and all this is perfectly normal and expected, so I appreciate salons that take it all in stride.

They say they take walk-ins and they do, but I get the sense they prefer appointments.  Of course, I’m happy to make an appointment – it just happened that on Friday I hadn’t thought that far ahead.  Others have also told me they prefer appointments so I will try to plan for my next visit a little farther in advance.  In the meantime they were more than happy to be of service to me on that day.

In my view this is a great place to get a pedicure.  Their “standard” pedicure is $25 which is as good a price as I have seen (better than many places) and includes a great foot/calf massage with lotion.  They also have more choices of polish than many places.  You can also get a “signature” pedicure for $45 which includes some extra services.  I might do that one day if I want the ultimate foot pampering, but usually the “standard” is plenty for me and helps my feet be presentable in summer shoes.

Pura Vida also offers manicures (obviously) and they have facials, massages and waxing as well, so they are more of a full service salon than just a nail place.  I may have to stop in for another service one day as I was very happy with my last minute pedicure last week.  In addition, there is a tanning salon, Pura Vida Tan, located right next door.  I recently bought a Groupon for Pura Vida Tan so I will report back as soon as I check it out.

Pura Vida Nails is located right in downtown Grapevine at 909 Main Street, at the southeast corner of Main and Dallas.  They are open Monday to Friday from 10-7 and Saturday from 9-6.

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