Some Grapevine tidbits

I’ve been seeing interesting items of news as I’ve gone through the week and thought of capturing a few of them here.  It’s been a relatively quiet week in Grapevine (maybe everyone has been hiding in their air-conditioned houses!) but some things have nevertheless sparked my interest:

Unwind the Vine marketing campaign – This was started by the City of Grapevine and intended to help out the businesses that have been affected by the DFW Connector construction.  Many restaurants and retail establishments have had to deal with diverted traffic and other challenges.  The construction will be a great help when it is finally finished, but in the meantime local businesses have had some frustrations.  Details have yet to be published, but the campaign involves a loyalty card which can be shown at these businesses and at some point turned in to the city for prize drawings.  It would be better if you could accumulate points or otherwise have a guaranteed return, but for patronizing businesses you would go to anyway, it’s not a bad thing to have a chance to win something.

Mazda distribution center comes to Grapevine – This will result in about 25 jobs in the community as well as some additional temporary ones for start up.

Grapevine citywide garage sale to be held September 24 – If you are looking to downsize and get rid of some unwanted Stuff (credit to one of my favorite personal finance blogs, Get Rich Slowly), this is one of the best opportunities you will have.  We participated in this 2 or 3 years ago and the traffic that comes through is tremendous.  There’s a small charge to reserve your space, but you will more than get that in return with more customers than you could ever hope to have at a home-based garage sale.

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