Texting squabble leads to assault charge

I’m actually surprised not to have heard a story like this before now.  According to the Star Telegram, a few months ago two people got into an altercation during a movie at the Cinemark Tinseltown.   It’s the typical “he said/she said,” but the facts seem to be that the man was sending (or reading) text messages during the movie and the woman tried to get his attention to ask him to stop, as it was of course distracting.   She claims she only tapped him on the shoulder; he said she pushed him and hurt his neck.    Either way, he summoned security and the police were called, along with paramedics. 

I find it hard to believe, personally, that a guy who was a former football player would be injured by a woman in this situation, and that further he would want the world to know that he considered her a danger to his well being.   How embarrassing!  The police wrote her a ticket (they said they stay neutral in these situations – but that begs the question then of why a ticket was written at all).  Since she was from out of state, she decided it was easier to just pay the ticket than to fight it in court.

Is this the way we treat guests in Grapevine?  Really?  I personally think there ought to be some enforcement of the “no texting” rule in theaters, certainly more than the pre-movie announcement.  If this guy’s text was so important that it couldn’t wait for a reply, then it was probably the wrong time to take in a movie.

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