Volunteering at GrapeFest

This is the first of what will no doubt be several posts about GrapeFest 2011  Grapefest is possibly my favorite local event and we go every year.  Food, wine, music, shopping, and all other kinds of fun.  So we will bring you everything we know about the event as information comes.  You’ll want to start off by marking your calendar for September 15-18.  The festival goes on for 4 days so everyone has a chance to enjoy.

It’s still nearly 2 months away, though, so right now the organizers are in high gear.  One of the most critical contributors to the success of Grapefest is the great number of volunteers who help out behind the scenes making everything happen.  Many people don’t even know Grapefest involves a large number of volunteers, but they are essential.

If you think it might be fun and rewarding to pour some wine, help out with the Grape Stomp, set up or tear down, or any of a number of other jobs, then check out the volunteer page here and send in your application.  If you get in early, you have the best chance of your preferred schedule times.

See you on Main Street!

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