Burger Island Closed

Burger Island is actually in Colleyville, at the corner of 121 and Glade Road, in the Albertsons’ shopping center.  We’ve blogged about it before and it is one of my favorite places to get a good burger.  I dropped by there on the way home from work today to find them closed for renovations and a sign on the door. 

Due to the reflection in the window you can’t read the sign very well, but here is what it says:

To Our valued customers:

We are closed for remodeling.

We apologize for closing our doors so the restaurant can be remodeled for a new restaurant concept and a new organization that is committed to bringing you a new menu of unparalleled quality and great customer service.

We sincerely appreciate your support and patronage of Burger Island.  While the name may change, you will still have the opportunity to enjoy “the best burgers in town”!

Thank you for your understanding and patience during the construction of the new restaurant. We believe the future product offering and the exciting new overall dining experience will be worth the wait.

An announcement will be coming soon.

Burger Island

This is disappointing, I always thought Burger Island was about the best burger around.  I’ve eaten at the original one in Irving several times, and when this one close to home opened, I was happy to see it.  I’ve eaten there many times and the crowd inside always seemed to be of a good size to maintain business, but perhaps it wasn’t.  Anyway, I will be watching what happens with this location and posting again about any updates I find.

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