Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is open

The long-awaited opening of Fuzzy’s Taco Shop in Grapevine took place last week.  If the crowds during the first few days are any indication, that formerly cursed location (former home of at least three restaurants over the last few years) may finally really be in business.

The patio is particularly nice.  When we first arrived, we decided to sit outside, since it was a little warm but close to sunset and with a good breeze, the patio wasn’t bad at all.  We have really missed dining on patios in the extreme heat of summer, so we wanted to take advantage.  There is plenty of seating inside as well and some TVs on which we were able to catch the start of the Rangers game.  I was tempted by the tasty-looking margaritas, but it had been a long day and I was pretty tired, so I went with simply drinking water.  We’ll return for a drink from the bar another time.

Their prices are quite reasonable.  I decided on the enchiladas and was pleased to see that they will let you make your own combination, so I went with one beef and one cheese.  Jason opted for the soft tacos.  They have a choice of either rice or potatoes, and multiple types of beans as well.  The enchiladas were quite tasty, obviously very fresh, and I found myself a fan of the potatoes as well.  The black beans, on the other hand, definitely tasted like they were from a can.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but without any extra seasoning or “help,” canned beans are definitely bland.

I can certainly see this as a place we’ll return to often.  It’s so convenient, and cheap and casual, and the food is good for a “fast casual” place.  They are open for breakfast as well and we are always up for more good places to go out for breakfast, so that might just be our next visit.  The atmosphere is really fun too, and the employees were extremely friendly and happy to be there.

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