Main Street Barber Shop

I’ve noticed this barber shop several times before, but never actually walked into the store.  Well it was time for a haircut anyway, and since Main Street Barber Shop is in Grapevine, I decided to give them a shot and gather some information to write into a blog post.

The shop is very nostalgic, with old-time barber chairs and soda machines, and of course the barber shop pole both inside and outside on the street.  They also give you free popcorn while you wait or are getting your cut.

I’ve never actually had a straight-razor neck trim before, and I am usually not a fan of hot towels, but I decided to go for the full treatment today for research purposes.  The haircut was just as I asked, the neck-trim nice and straight, and overall experience was unusually fun.  I honestly wish I had darkened their doorstep several months ago.

I couldn’t find a website for them, which isn’t surprising given their old-style nature, but they do have several shining reviews on Yelp.  I’m impressed, to say the least.  I paid $16 for a haircut, neck-trim and hot towel.  That is about $4 less than what I am accustomed to paying, and the experience of past days comes for free.  I think that I have a found a new place to get my monthly haircuts, and all the while gather more information about our great city of Grapevine.

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  1. Thecloak says:

    What exactly do you get cut??? HA HA HA! Also, do you need the little booster seat?

  2. emily says:

    Mr. Cloak, while I know this is a real comment, I was highly amused that WordPress tagged it as spam. Hehe.

  3. Len Piazza says:

    With so many poor choices for mens’ haircuts, having this shop in Grapevine is a blessing. The atmosphere is amazing and the barbers are outstanding.

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