Scott’s Landing Marina/Big Daddy’s

We recently headed out to join some friends at Scott’s Landing Marina for a relaxing Friday evening.   It’s great fun to watch the boats come and go and see the ducks on the lake.  (Signs said not to feed them, but it seems everyone does!).  I found myself feeling a bit envious of the boat owners until someone reminded me that it’s better to have friends with boats than to have a boat yourself.  So true!

Big Daddy’s Ship Store has some casual but delicious food.  During the summer they grill fresh fish which is about the best thing ever.  It comes with a ton of side items as well – rice, toast, baked potato and veggie of the day (which this particular day was roasted corn – YUM).  Yes, it was some definite carb loading but since I was running a half marathon that next Sunday, I decided I deserved it.  😀

They also have the usual suspects you would expect to see at a marina – hamburgers, sandwiches, fried seafood, and also salads.  Actually their salads are better than many I’ve had.  My fish came with a side salad and it had a nice variety of greens – not that iceberg lettuce with the hard end pieces like you always seem to get.

It is BYOB so feel free to bring a cooler with your favorite adult beverage.  This was a great place just to chill out and the weather was perfect, better than in quite some time.  We thoroughly enjoyed it.

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