Grapefest a success – And I should have bought the $50 champagne

I found a nice article today on the success of Grapefest 2011.  Among the highlights:

  • Record-breaking numbers of turkey legs and roasted corn on the cob were sold (A curious statistic of fair food).
  • Attendance was down somewhat from 2010, probably because of Friday night’s rain.  We were there and it was a monsoon.   A light drizzle is one thing but a soaking downpour definitely will keep people at home.
  • Only four arrests for alcohol-related offenses, which isn’t bad and underscores the safe and relatively crime-free area that is Grapevine.
  • People’s Choice Wine Tasting Classic winners were published (this was previously seen on the GrapeFest website).  Personally I was glad to see winners from among wineries I am particularly fond of, such as Llano Estacado and Lightcatcher.  (On another note, I worked as a volunteer wine server this year and it is amazing how many people pronounced Llano as “lano” instead of “yah-no.”  I told someone I was going to revoke their Texan cards).
  • Perhaps most interesting, the $4,000 diamond that was in one of 100 glasses of champagne bought for $50 each, is still at large.  99 of the glasses had a cubic zirconia and one a real diamond.  Organizers think the person might be from out of town and had it authenticated elsewhere – but what if they didn’t?  I really should have invested the $50.  OK, perhaps “invested” is using the term loosely, but 1 in 100 doesn’t sound like bad odds all things considered.  Better than the lottery, anyway.

Grapefest 2012 is scheduled for the same week next year.  Our calendar is marked.

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