Mi Dia from Scratch

Mi Dia from Scratch opened this week and we wasted no time in having a look (and taste!) for ourselves.  It’s a great week for a restaurant opening in Grapevine with the amazing weather we are having.  We had lunch there and it was not too busy, but I imagine over the next weekend or two, it will be hopping.  It’s a great addition to the dining scene and fits in well with its neighbors – Winewood Grill, Bob’s Steak and Chop House, and Fireside Pies.

We decided to sit on the patio since it was such a gorgeous day.  It was a bit windy but otherwise ideal for patio dining.  They say they have over 100 tequilas and their drinks are made from fresh squeezed juices.  Tempting, but since it was lunchtime and Jason was on his way to work, we went for the (nonalcoholic) margarita iced tea.  I honestly could not taste much lime in it, but maybe I will try it again to see if the next batch has a little more flavor.  They also had regular iced tea.

Their hot sauce comes with two kinds, red and green, together in the bowl.  It had a good amount of heat, which we always like.  The chips were good, not greasy at all, although I had to add extra salt (however, I frequently do this with chips).  The server offered us tableside guacamole and again we were tempted, but decided against it since it was lunchtime and I wasn’t sure if we were that hungry.  I would like to come back in the evening, perhaps with a group, and try it.

They have a lunch menu which has just a few items that are lower-priced than the regular menu.  I appreciate this and it is why I often try new and/or more upscale restaurants at lunch.  Plus, I imagine those items might get served a bit faster which could be helpful for people on a lunch break from work when time is short.

I decided to have one enchilada, rice, tortilla soup, and a salad (this was a combo, all one menu item), thinking that would give me the chance to taste several things.  The tortilla soup was wonderful, better than most I have tried.  It had plenty of white meat chicken and veggies and the broth had a great flavor.  And it didn’t have too much cheese, something I dislike in tortilla soup.  I normally love cheese but too much of it in soup and things get stringy.  Not good.   The cheese enchilada was good, nothing particularly special but certainly tasty; same for the rice.  The salad had avocado in it and also diced jicama and some roasted corn, and a dressing I couldn’t quite identify but it was light and tasty.

Jason decided on the enchilada/taco combo, which came with rice and beans, and got beef for both the enchilada and the taco.  (He later said that maybe he should have tried chicken for one of them, which I said would have been a good idea as the chicken in my soup was very good).  The enchilada looked delicious and he said it definitely was.

We were again tempted by dessert but by then I was full.  But the dessert menu definitely looks above average – things like Mexican s’mores, flan, empanadas (stuffed with goat cheese), and of course sopapillas.  They said the desserts are made fresh daily.

Both the food and service at Mi Dia from Scratch were excellent.  We will be back.  I’m anxious to try the extensive dinner menu which is more New Mexico than Tex-Mex.    The concept is definitely something new in the Grapevine food scene.

Here are a couple more pics from the inside.  I love the “tower of tequila” as I called it, in the bar.

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