The Flats Bar and Grill

We went to check out the newest sports bar in Grapevine, The Flats Bar and Grill, early last week.  We had been to the predecessor business in that location, Zuroma, but didn’t think it was all that, so we were happy to see a new place in that spot.  This is very close to our house so I’m all about having a convenient, good restaurant.

We went inside and the first thing I noticed was that it reminded me somewhat of Peace Burger.  It’s got a similar vibe, very unassuming and basic.  The second thing I noticed was that they have almost all bartop tables, along with a few booths.  I’d like to see them add a few regular tables, but that’s a minor point.

It was lunchtime on a Wednesday, and early, so almost no one else was there.  We decided to eat at the bar so we could chat with the bartender and manager and see how things were going.  They said it was typically somewhat slow at lunchtime, much like that day, but in the evening during the Rangers’ games, things got considerably more lively.

Jason had a burger and I had the marinated chicken sandwich.   The sandwich was fine but rather plain; I would have liked to have seen some avocado, bacon, cheese, or something else to dress it up a bit.  Maybe they will add those options to the menu.  The fries were very good and I probably shouldn’t have eaten them all, but I did.  Jason liked his ranch burger and I tasted a bite of it and had to agree.

The menu also included some salads that looked interesting and your standard bar appetizers.  They also have soup which I can see taking advantage of in the near future when it gets cold.  There were some interesting looking cocktails as well; I spent some time perusing that menu.

The Flats has plenty of TVs including quite a large one over the bar.  You would have no problem enjoying the current baseball games from any angle.

I think this will be a solid neighborhood place.  We intend to go back during the evening and see what the vibe is like, especially during a sports event.  We have several favorite sports bars in the area, but none as close as this to home, which is a great option to have.

The Flats is located at the northwest corner of Hwy 121 and Hall-Johnson Road.

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