Building renovation on Main St to bring new retail space

Check out this excellent article in the Grapevine/Colleyville Impact News about some upcoming construction on Main Street in Grapevine.  I’m sure we’ve all had our fill of construction with the DFW Connector highway project ongoing for so long, but it will bring a big payoff and I think this will too.  Some highlights:

  • The name of the project is 520 Main (the article didn’t specify, but I assume that to be the address as well).  It will have space for 9 retail/restaurant establishments as well as some office space.
  • The building is old and in need of repair, so it will be rebuilt from the ground up but with an eye to fitting in with the historic look of the rest of Main Street.
  • The project will include 40 parking spaces – as we all know, parking is at a premium on and around Main Street.  We’re fortunate in that most of it is free or very inexpensive at least, but additional parking will be a big asset here.
  • The first phase of construction is scheduled for completion by early December.

I look forward to seeing the construction move forward and will be on the lookout for what tenants might occupy the property.  I also really hope the owners are committed to keeping as much as possible of the historic downtown Grapevine feel.

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