Fantastic fall day in Grapevine

Today was just amazing.  I took the day off work, which I have been doing on Wednesdays for a few weeks now because I am training for my first marathon and have long runs on those days, and proceeded to enjoy the day.

First, a 10 mile run in the Parr Park area.  I always see a lot of people around here, whether they are running, walking, playing soccer, or exercising the dog.  It’s a great park with nice bike paths around that are good to get away from roads and traffic for a bit.  It’s nice and peaceful back there too.   You just cruise along and admire the scenery.  I don’t even bother with music when I run in that area.  I have seen ropes tied to trees by the creek and wondered if people still use them to swing out over the creek and jump in.

Sometimes we do hill workouts at Parr Park.  There are some monstrous hills, which are torture to run up and down, but it’s good for you, right?  This is an example of one of those hills.  Somehow it doesn’t look nearly as big in this picture, but trust me when I say those are some serious hills.  I didn’t do hills today, but I need to do more.  Maybe tomorrow.  I hear White Rock has plenty of hills so I want to be ready.  The entire hills course, if I had done it, would have been about 6 miles of up and down.

I also love to admire the homes in that part of town.  They are just gorgeous.  I don’t know that I would want to live right on Parr; it’s quite a bit of traffic, but I sure wouldn’t complain if I won the lottery and ended up in one of these:


It took me a good 2 hours to go 10 miles, not that I was in a hurry.  Needless to say, once I was done, I was just about starving so we headed out to Flip’s Patio Grill for lunch.  It was a little chilly for the patio, so we ate inside.  The burgers were delicious – here is my bacon ranch burger.  Yes, that’s ranch dressing, not mayonnaise (the latter of which I refuse to eat).  Jason got the “Border Burger” which had pepper jack cheese and guacamole; he said it was delicious although messy.  I love guacamole but on burgers it just doesn’t seem to work.

And of course, a Diet Coke.  I may or may not have had a few refills.  Yes, it is my crack.  Don’t judge.

After that, it was back home to walk the dog and then relax for a while.  It was just a perfect, gorgeous day outside and I feel truly blessed that I got to take advantage of it.  This is what vacation days from work were made for, and Grapevine is the perfect place to enjoy it.


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