Ham Radio in Grapevine

For those of you who might be unfamiliar with Ham (Amateur) Radio, here is a good Wikipedia article explaining it.

I’ve had my Ham operator’s license since 1994, and it is fun but it is something that I tend to be hot and cold about.  I’ll spend a few months participating in Radio activities and clubs around town, but then I might put it down for a few months or a year or so before I pick it back up again.  Maybe my attention span just isn’t what it should be, but every time I  come back to renewing my interest in Ham Radio, I always wonder why I dropped it in the first place.  It can be quite fun for anyone interested in Electronics or Emergency Services.

There are 2 Ham Radio repeaters in Grapevine itself.  One is on the 2 meter band at 145.400MHz and the other is on the 70cm band at 443.8750MHz.  These repeaters are both owned and operated by the NETARC club in Southlake.  NETARC = Northeast Tarrant Amateur Radio Club.  Their website is www.netarc.us.  They also own 2 70cm repeaters in the city of Southlake.  Each month they meet at the Southlake Courthouse on Carroll Ave.  I’ve attended this meeting for the past 2 months, and have really enjoyed it.  These are a great bunch of guys that are helpful with newcomers (to Ham Radio or just to the area).

Anyone in Grapevine who is interested in learning more about Ham Radio, or who is already a Ham, should reach out to the NETARC members and attend a meeting; I think you will enjoy it.  You can also reach out to me via this blog, or via the repeaters around Grapevine.  When I am at home and in the car I try to monitor the 145.400MHz repeater.  My callsign is KC5HWB and you can look me up on www.qrz.com.  I plan to post more in this blog about events that are hosted by NETARC, or where NETARC is participating around the area.

73s to everyone.

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