Waffle Way visit

Hope that everyone has had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday.  We enjoyed some time off work and tried to be productive doing things around the house (I’m happy to say even my Christmas shopping is 95% done!), but we also tried to make sure we took some time to relax as well.  In keeping with that, we ventured out for our first visit to Waffle Way restaurant in Grapevine for a late breakfast on Friday.

Waffle Way, located at 1206 W. Northwest Highway (at Lucas), is a classic small-town breakfast and lunch place.  It’s very basic and unassuming; I was reminded of the coffee shop on Seinfeld actually.  They have a lot of your standard breakfast options including the Belgian waffles which are their specialty and (according to their website) a local favorite. Having tried them, I can say I agree.   The restaurant was pretty full, which wasn’t too surprising as it was a holiday week and also I imagine people were needing to refuel after their Black Friday before-dawn shopping adventures.  (That is something, by the way, that I never choose to partake in.  I like my sleep!  Not to mention, insane crowds aren’t really my thing).

Back to the waffles.  I noticed on their menu board (another classic small-town diner touch) that they had fried chicken and waffles.  Now, this is something I’ve always been intrigued by and never tried.  So many people love it, though, that I couldn’t pass it by.  I asked about the size of the portion as I had visions of Cheesecake-Factory-like overload of food, but the server assured me it was reasonable.  She was right.  A waffle that fit inside a normal size plate, with a breaded chicken breast on top.  I was able to finish all of it and it was just about the right amount of food.  And it was delicious!  Chicken and waffles must just be one of those savory-sweet combos that just works.  Like the Monte Cristo sandwich at Bennigan’s.

Jason went with his usual standby of eggs with chicken fried steak.  They have a choice of small or large steak and he decided on the large.  It came with eggs, hash browns and toast.  I like that they have shredded hash browns which are my favorite; much better and less greasy than the formed patties like you get at McDonald’s.  The verdict was: the eggs, hash browns and toast were excellent, but the steak wasn’t all that. I tasted it and had to agree; it did not have much flavor.  The “large” portion is hand-breaded and the “small” portion is a frozen steak; maybe the small portion would have had more or better seasoning.  It wasn’t bad, but we had tasted better chicken fried steak in our days. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this breakfast.  Waffle Way is a nice, relaxing place to go and it was just full enough of regulars that it felt homey, without the hustle and bustle of a super-busy place where you have to fight for a table.  I thought my waffle was excellent. I’ll definitely be trying chicken and waffles again.

I have said it before but Grapevine has such an amazing variety of good breakfast places.  I am adding Waffle Way to the list.

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