Cinemark Tinsletown 2012 Drink Refill Special

In 2010 I posted about the Cinemark Tinsletown in Grapevine, how they have $4 matinee movies every day.  They continue this deal and I believe it to be the best price at any movie theater in this whole area, not just Grapevine.  Most theaters are charging $5-$5.75 for a matinee price, and the ticket price usually rises to over $7 after 6pm.  Cinemark is $4 for matinee movies before 6pm, and usually around $6.50 after 6pm.  This includes new release movies.

In addition to the great ticket price, they have continued their drink-refill promotion, which I believe started in 2011.  Purchase a re-usable cup for $6 and each refill is $3.  This promotion continues to the end of 2012, and the cup is reusable as many times as you want to bring it with you to see another movie.  I used the 2011 cup last year on numerous occasions.  $3 for a refill of a large drink that normally costs $4.75 is a pretty good deal.


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