Happy New Year – New Year’s Eve fun

Happy New Year to all our readers!  We had a really fun although low key evening in downtown Grapevine for New Year’s Eve.  It turned out perfectly actually.  We like to be out and about doing fun things but we don’t exactly party like rock stars and don’t pretend to, and luckily for us, Grapevine had plenty of options for our kind of people!

We started out with dinner at Mi Dia from Scratch.  We called earlier in the day to ask about reservations and were told they don’t do reservations, but do have a call-ahead list.  (No one has ever fully explained the difference to me, but I suppose a call ahead list just means you have to call that day; you can’t get on the list a week in advance).  In any event, we were told the list was full for that evening.  Being the daredevils that we are (ha ha), we decided to go there and hope for the best.  Surely they had room for walk-ins, and/or some people who called ahead might not show up.

When we arrived, we were asked if we called ahead and had to explain that we had called, but weren’t allowed to get on the list as it was full.  That didn’t seem to be a problem, though; they took our names and handed us a buzzer and said the wait would be 45 minutes to an hour.  Not unreasonable for New Year’s Eve at 7 p.m.  We went inside and, finding a big crowd around the main bar, had the bright idea to go outside to the patio bar.  We were very lucky indeed as there were two seats available there and also the weather was extremely nice and not chilly at all.  I think that patio is well shielded from the wind which helped.   The patio was not nearly as crowded as the inside.

We ordered drinks including a “Once in a Blue Moon” margarita for me and a glass of wine for Jason.  The server (bartender?  I couldn’t tell) working that area was extremely nice, helpful and attentive.  He gave recommendations for food and drinks and kept a close eye on us throughout the evening.   My margarita was really tasty and I ended up having two of them in the end.  We decided to go ahead and order food at the bar since we were comfortable there.  Our buzzer went off after about 30 minutes; not a bad wait at all, but we gave it back and told the host we would just sit at the bar.

Jason ordered the chipotle bacon quesadillas which also had chicken, caramelized onions and cheese.  I didn’t get a taste (I’m notorious for mooching off his food!) but he said they were excellent, definitely something to order again.  It was a pretty large plate and could probably be shared by two people who were not super hungry.   I ordered the New Mexico Tampiquena which sounded from the description like stacked enchiladas with steak and cheese, but turned out to be a whole piece of skirt steak with a stacked enchilada sort of in the middle of it.  Delicious!  It was served with guacamole, rice and beans.  This too was a pretty big serving.  I could have shared it but managed to finish it all.

I was tempted by dessert but didn’t even want to see the dessert menu because I was stuffed by that point.  Definitely an argument for sharing entrees, for sure.

This turned out to be a great choice for New Year’s Eve.  We got a seat right away because we were happy to sit at the bar, and moreover the bar outside on the patio, had great service, and tasty food and drinks.  Also, the outside was less noisy and crowded than the inside.  I highly recommend the approach of sitting at the bar if possible.

After dinner, we decided to check out Tap-In as they had the Drop Top Rockets on the schedule for the evening.  Anything called “Texas Rockabilly” is some music I’m bound to like.  We weren’t sure how crowded they would be, but decided it was worth taking a look especially since there was no cover charge.  Luckily we scored a great table and were settled in by about 8:15 which was right before the band was to start.  We had a good view and it was busy enough to be festive but not too crowded at all.  We stuck around about two hours which was plenty of time to hear a lot of music.  I’d definitely go see this band again.  They reminded me of Elvis or perhaps Johnny Cash (and they did some covers from both).  When we left at 10:30, the crowd was getting thicker and I’m sure by midnight it was packed out and doubtless very festive and fun.  It’s hard for me to stay out till midnight since I’m used to waking up super early in the morning for either work or running, so I don’t feel lame for leaving at 10:30.  I’m sure the people who got our table when we left were very grateful.  😀

As we were driving down Main Street to head home, I saw lots of people out and about and it was definitely a fun atmosphere.  Downtown Grapevine once again did it right at holiday time!

How did you spend New Year’s Eve in Grapevine?  Tell us in the comments!


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