Main Street Bread Baking Company

We had visited just about all the breakfast places in Grapevine up till now, and have been meaning to stop in Main Street Bread Baking Company, so on Saturday after sleeping in (what a rare treat!), we decided to head over there.  We got there about 10:30 and that was definitely a prime hour for breakfast/brunch because the restaurant was full; we got the last table in the place.  A very popular place for weekend breakfast!

I wasted no time getting a cup of hot tea.  It was cold over the weekend and although I am not a coffee drinker, I do love a cup of hot tea in winter.  Jason went with a latte, which somehow looked more like a cappuccino, but what do I know about coffee drinks?  (Nothing).   They had several varieties of tea to choose from and a nice big cup of hot water, with sugar and lemons.  I do love my hot tea.

We also had to be shown where the menus were (FYI – they are by the door; you take one before ordering at the counter).   It’s a very European bistro-style look with small tables set fairly close together.

I was craving some protein, so I had to go with an omelet.  They have a large number of ingredients available and you can build your own.  They had kalamata olives and feta cheese, so I asked for that along with some tomatoes for a Greek style omelet.  At the last minute, I decided to add some bacon, which was not the best idea even though I do love bacon.  It would have been better to keep the omelet veggie and just have bacon on the side.  I also substituted fruit for the home fries.  I was glad to see the fruit cup had no honeydew melon (a pet peeve of mine since I don’t like honeydew and it seems most fruit cups always have it) but did have watermelon.  The omelet was great and definitely a good amount of food, probably shareable.

Jason ordered the eggs with bacon, home fries and a croissant, and finished it all so it must have been good.  🙂  He would have preferred a biscuit or toast to the croissant, but that’s something you’re more likely to find at a down-home place like Biscuits Cafe, rather than a French style bistro. 

They had a variety of baked goods behind the counter and the chocolate croissants in particular looked delicious, but I just could not eat any more.  I should have bought one to save for later.  We might have to stop back in and remedy that.

All in all, Main Street Bread Baking Company has really good food.  It’s not as down-home and simple as we usually like, but was definitely tasty and judging from the crowds, many others think so too.

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