Press Box Grill

Press Box Grill, located in the old Los Cabos space on Northwest Highway, has been open for a few weeks and last weekend we stopped in to check it out.  Although it is considered a sports bar and definitely has the TVs to go along with it, the food is better and has more variety than many sports bars I’ve been to.

The inside has been redone and is still casual but with a Texas vibe.  There is a new long bartop height table that seems like it would be great for large groups to gather around.  They still have the patio as well which will be great in good weather, although I did notice a few brave souls sitting out there on Friday as well.  I have been told they kept on all of the existing Los Cabos staff and I did see a few familiar faces as we have been to Los Cabos several times in the past.  All in all I think it is a nice fresh look to the space.

The menu has a lot of variety, with the typical bar appetizers but also several types of burgers including buffalo and lamb, and grilled fish and chicken with veggies, and some soups as well.   Their signature dish is the jalapeno pork chop which looked very interesting as well.  We started with an order of fried pickles since I am always a sucker for those.  They were hot, crisp and tasty, but the pickle slices were just a little thicker than I like.  I would order them again though.  They came with a side of ranch and were a good size appetizer for two people to share.  One suggestion I have for the burgers is for them to offer the lamb burger Greek style with feta cheese and tzatziki sauce; that would be awesome.

I had the blackened salmon which came with a side of rice and roasted veggies.  I love salmon but can’t seem to cook it right, so I order it a lot when out and about.  The seasoning was pretty spicy, which I like, and the veggies were well seasoned as well.  I really enjoyed this entree and it’s not the type of thing I can usually order at a sports bar.  Jason wasn’t too hungry and just had a bowl of gumbo, which he said was better than most.  I tried a spoonful and had to agree.

We asked about desserts since there were none on the menu and were told cheesecake was available but that was about all.  I wasn’t really in the mood for cheesecake so I passed, and I was getting full anyway.

I think we will definitely be back; the food at Press Box Grill is very good and the location very convenient.  I meet friends for track workouts at Grapevine Middle School sometimes during the week and that is practically just down the street.


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  1. Lauren U. says:

    Thanks for the review, we’re so glad you enjoyed your visit to Press Box! The Blackened Salmon is definitely one of my favorites.

    I’m happy to say we finally have our Drinks & Desserts menus printed up and out on the tables; sorry they weren’t there yet when you came by! We have 4 desserts – Cheesecake, Key Lime Pie, Peanut Butter Pie and Triple Chocolate Cake. The drink menus also have our new Kids’ Menu on the back page, which I hear has already been a big hit with families that come in.

    Thanks again and we hope to see y’all around again soon! =)

    Lauren Upchurch
    Marketing Manager
    Press Box Grill

    • emily says:

      Thanks for your comments, Lauren. We will surely be back. As I mentioned, it’s very conveniently located for my Tuesday evening workout group and we used to go to Los Cabos frequently in the past for that reason. I do love key lime pie so I will have to try some next time we are there.

      I do think it is a good family spot; we saw a couple of large groups with several kids apiece on our last visit.

      We look forward to seeing you again!


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