Texan Trail bridge closed indefinitely after accident

Well, this news is exactly what we didn’t need in the land of DFW Connector construction.  Yesterday an 18 wheeler carrying some equipment hit the underside of the Texan Trail bridge after its driver misjudged the clearance.   The bridge is now closed indefinitely since it is unsafe for traffic.  Since Texan Trail is one of the few ways to get across Highway 114, this is no small issue.  I frequently take Texan Trail to the south side of the highway and then get on Airfield Drive to avoid the highway traffic.  Main Street is an alternative route, which is better than nothing, but Main is also pretty heavily traveled so this will add to the congestion.

It’s unknown the full impact this will have on the highway construction, but it won’t be good. 

More details are available in this article at Community Impact.

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  1. Local Guy says:

    Ironically, the equipment that struck the underside of the bridge was the type used for bridge demolitions.

  2. emily says:

    I agree, very ironic. Now, if the equipment was part of the DFW Connector project, then that would have been the ultimate irony.

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