Valentine’s Day in Grapevine

So, how did you all celebrate?  I always love a good excuse to have some good food.  I’ve been super busy lately and meeting myself coming back at work, so it was awesome when Jason messaged me and asked me to meet him at Cork It! for drinks and dinner.  (As I told him, it doesn’t even matter what we do – it’s eternally romantic for him to make plans and I don’t even have to lift a finger or think about it other than showing up).  🙂

Cork It! turned out to be a great option.  I got there about 6:45 and there were a lot of tables open, and even when we left an hour or so later, it wasn’t full.  I suppose the expensive “need a reservation” type of places were probably packed, and we did that last year, but I like better just heading out to an old favorite place, even if it’s casual.

I didn’t get a picture of my pasta, but it was tasty although a small portion.  We had started with tapenade (yum, highly recommended) and after the main course were still hungry so I ordered some hummus.  I had a few half-glasses of wine including the Jam Jar shiraz which was our favorite.  I may have to go back for a bottle of that one.

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