Friday night at Mi Dia

Mi Dia from Scratch is one of our favorite new Grapevine restaurants and I was craving it all day Friday, so off we went the minute I walked in the door from work.  It had been a long tough week and I was looking forward to kicking back and having a fun date night.

We got there a few minutes before 6 and there was already a 45 minute wait.  I was a little surprised, but Jason reminded me that it was too chilly to seat anyone on the patio, so they had lost nearly half their possible seating.  That made sense.  We resigned ourselves to waiting although in my experience, the wait is usually not quite as long as they predict.  While waiting, I decided to try one of their specialty margaritas, the “Once in a Blue Moon,” which contains blue curacao among other ingredients.  It was fine, but not as good as the “Heart of the Matter” margarita that I enjoyed on New Year’s Eve.  That one includes blood orange juice and was very tasty.

We got a table actually right about 45 minutes in, and I found myself having a hard time deciding on my order.  I finally opted for the “tradicional” street style tacos which are made with skirt steak.  They were served with a shot glass of roasted jalapeno/poblano pepper sauce that was VERY spicy.  A little definitely went a long way!  I think the street style tacos are a great choice for someone trying to eat relatively healthy.  They are served with meat and in some cases vegetables, on corn tortillas, without any cheese, sour cream, or fried anything.  (Of course, the chips and salsa I ate could hardly be called heathy – but everything in moderation).  In the past I have ordered the New Mexico Tampequena which is also a skirt steak and was delicious.  I definitely recommend the steak-related options at Mi Dia based on experience so far.

I also ended up ordering another margarita, this time the house or “Mi Dia Rita Rocks” margarita.  It was fine, but again, not as good as the “Heart of the Matter” margarita.  Eventually I will probably try them all, just to be sure I can properly evaluate the options.  :).  They say at Mi Dia that their margaritas are all made with pure agave tequila and have triple sec, and also are interestingly made with lemon juice rather than lime juice since it has a more consistent flavor (so they say).  I’m not enough of a conosseur to fully understand all that, but it sounds interesting and they definitely seem to know what they are doing in that department.

Jason went with the flautas which also looked terrific.  Definitely a step above most other flautas I’ve seen.

It’s hard to pick a favorite place in Grapevine, but Mi Dia is most certainly among my top choices.  I’m already anxious to go back.


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