Tommy Tamale in Grapevine

I made a fantastic discovery the other day, thanks to Groupon.  A few weeks ago we had posted about a Groupon deal for Tommy Tamale in Grapevine, for $10 off $20, which I bought two of so I could check it out.  On Saturday I went to spend my voucher and stumbled upon a Grapevine gem.

These are the friendliest people you will find anywhere.  I had only just stepped in the door when he was telling me all about their varieties of tamales and insisting I taste the salsas.  I felt like an old friend and it was only my first visit!

Tamales and salsas make up just about all that is for sale there.   But don’t let that fool you.  There are so many, I couldn’t decide which to try.  Some of the tamales available are pork habanero (which I bought), beef tenderloin, BBQ, chicken, black bean (got some of those too), four cheese, and also some breakfast tamales, among them potato and sausage which I bought half a dozen of.   They say the breakfast tamales are fantastic topped with a fried egg or cut into pieces and scrambled with eggs.  Yum!

I picked up some chips and salsa as well – the salsa I chose (Texas Roasted, I believe it was called) had mild heat but a terrific flavor.  We had a few friends over the next day and put away the whole jar in no time.  I also was given a sample of the “4x” which is extremely hot, since I happened to mention that Jason likes things the hotter the better.  These people are really proud of their products and they should be; the food is so good and the service just about the best I have found in Grapevine – and here that is saying a lot!

Tommy Tamale is in a tiny building at 708 W. Northwest Highway, between Ball and Scribner on the north side.  Blink and you might miss it, so pay attention!  I would hate for you to miss out on this delicious food.

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  1. Edie Gillette says:

    I have heard great comments about Tommy Tamales!!!! What is the address?

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