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Welcome to grapevineblog.net!  We hope that you find this a great resource for an amazing community.

We moved to Grapevine in 2002 purely by chance, shortly after we married.  With one job in downtown Dallas and one job in Ft. Worth, a middle ground seemed the most appropriate place to put down roots.  We have been blessed beyond measure by our  happenstance introduction to a city just large enough to offer a multitude of things to do, see, and eat, but also small enough to feel like family.  Grapevine is our family and, we hope, yours too.  In our years in this city, we have met many people who just happened to move here like us, and yet found it to be an incredibly vibrant and rewarding place to call home.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.  If you ask about something we haven’t yet experienced, so much the better as this gives us the perfect reason to try something new.  And in Grapevine, there is always something new.  The big cities on the coasts have nothing on Grapevine, Texas when it comes to a rich and full life.

For any information or to contact us directly, please email us at info@grapevineblog.net