2012 Grapevine Blog Spot Bucket List

I have a friend who made some goals for this year and instead of referring to them as her New Year’s resolutions, called them her 2012 “Bucket List.”   The idea was not to put so much pressure on herself and to have goals and things to look forward to, rather than a list of “resolutions” […] Read more »

Fantastic fall day in Grapevine

Today was just amazing.  I took the day off work, which I have been doing on Wednesdays for a few weeks now because I am training for my first marathon and have long runs on those days, and proceeded to enjoy the day. First, a 10 mile run in the Parr Park area.  I always […] Read more »

Just another Tuesday at Farina’s

We headed up to Farina’s last night to pick up the gift certificate for our August giveaway.  And, of course, to enjoy a great dinner.  It had been a long week already so we were glad to relax and kick back for a while.  It was a pretty lively crowd for a Tuesday, but there […] Read more »