Biscuits Cafe

Ah, at long last, time for a review of my very favorite breakfast place in Grapevine!  And I love me some good breakfast, and Grapevine has more than its share of good choices, so you know Biscuits Cafe has got to be good.  On this visit, I had been craving their chorizo omelet, so of […] Read more »

Old West Cafe

We’ve been meaning to do a review of Old West Cafe for quite some time.  The food is truly excellent, and the only reason we don’t go more often is that the word has spread about how good the food is, and there is always a line out the door at our normal “go out […] Read more »

Favorite breakfast places

One of the great things about Grapevine is the abundance of great restaurants, including great places to go out for breakfast.  We’ll review all these in detail later (in some cases we have done so already), but here is a quick run down with some brief comments on each: Biscuits Cafe – Probably our favorite […] Read more »

Snooty Pig

Snooty Pig is actually not my very favorite breakfast place in Grapevine in terms of food, but it is always a solid choice, very close to home, and the service is terrific.   The owner at one time lived in our neighborhood and is a really nice guy, and remembers us when we come in the […] Read more »