Burger Island

I know that Burger Island is technically in Colleyville, but considering it’s just a stone’s throw from Grapevine, and considering how tasty their burgers are, it seems appropriate to give them a review. On this most recent visit, I decided I wasn’t all that hungry and recalled that they had a Junior Burger on the […] Read more »

Bottlecap Alley Icehouse

Tonight we needed to run out and grab a quick bite and time was short, and we had been wanting to try Bottlecap Alley Icehouse for a while, so off we went.  Verdict:  It was fine.  Not fabulous, but fine.  It would be a more than decent place to watch a game, as it’s a […] Read more »

Peace Burger

Peace Burger has got to be one of Grapevine’s best kept secrets.  A little hole in the wall in a not-too-highly-traveled strip center, with some of the best burgers in town, located at 1228 William D. Tate Avenue, next to Baja Mexican Grill. Peace Burger has some unusual burgers like the “Hippie Burger” (pictured below) […] Read more »